Am I equipped to do this?

Whe3d2573dd656a131ff4eb93101f66368bn I started blogging, I was full of excitement (and a bit of fear) because I was taking on a new challenge. A challenge that I thought God wanted me to do; share my past. I went head first into my assignment and began writing a book. I went to a writers conference and even told a few people about my project. I stayed up many nights letting the words flow from my brain onto my keyboard. As I began re-reading and revising, it got harder. Then I stalled. I thought, “What am I doing?” I prayed and asked God if he was sure that he wanted me to share what I prefer to keep secret. Slowly, but obviously, God has responded to me recently. It seems that the more I ask the question, the louder the answer becomes.

Recently I keep hearing the same message: God wants us to share our stories, whether we want to or not. Otherwise our pain is wasted. I believe that He wants to turn my past into my purpose. So I am going to pick up where I started and focus on my goal: to allow my pain to help others.

How did that happen?

It’s been 2 months since my last blog? Thinking back, I guess it has. School started, it got cooler out, leaves are falling, pumpkins are out, stores are playing Christmas music (?!) and I’m a year older. Does time go faster as you age?