The truth can be scary

I feel very vulnerable right now. I gave my draft of my personal story (that I’m hoping to turn into a book) to a close friend three days ago. She hasn’t responded and it’s torturing me. The thoughts in my head:

Q: What if she thinks it’s awful and doesn’t know what to say?

A: Maybe she hasn’t read it.

Q: Should I ask her?

A: No, I told her to take her time.

Q: What was I thinking?

A: I trust this friend.

God gave me this assignment; hopefully it wasn’t a mistake!


3 thoughts on “The truth can be scary

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m the horrible friend who made her wait for 3 days!!! Ah, I would hate it if someone did that to me! To clear things up with any Tracey Casciano blog readers…we just spoke and we have a plan to get together and go over her book:)
    Tracey, just saying, when I give you my book to review, please don’t make me wait 3 days before you let me know what you think! Lol!


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