A glimmer of hope

Nothing gets me sidelined like a rejection letter (or 2 or 3).

“Thank you for your submission but your project isn’t right for us at this time.”

I feel myself shut down. Unworthy. What was I thinking? Maybe I got God’s message wrong.

And then a glimmer of hope among the harsh words.

“You are a strong writer.”

“Your story needs to be told.”

“Don’t give up.”

So I swallow my pride and press on…..

2 thoughts on “A glimmer of hope

  1. Saw this somewhere and love the quote its NC motto “As I breathe I hope ” dont give up ever…take it from someone who wanted to end it all after loosing my first husband to Pancreatic cancer in a matter of 4 mths after diagnosis ……so As you BREATHE you HOPE …God ALWAYS has your back..


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