An invitation

I was at a retreat recently and one of the songs that the worship band sang has been in my head. “Come as you Are,” by David Crowder, invites us to drop what we’re doing and give our burdens to God. When I think about that idea, I can’t help but think about Martha in Luke 10:39-42. I am definitely more like Martha than Mary and often get caught up in the details instead of enjoying the moment.  Before I  go on vacation, I feel the need to clean my house. If I invite you over, I will surely run around for 20 minutes tidying up and cleaning the bathroom before you arrive. So this idea of “come as you are,” makes me feel nervous. As inviting as this is, surely it doesn’t really mean it, right? Youre-invited

So I look back at the the Bible. In the story Jesus doesn’t care what Mary or Martha look like. He doesn’t worry about the food. He just wants to be with them.

Isn’t that refreshing? No need to iron our clothes, straighten or curl our hair, just come as you are. His invitation to us………..

Just come.

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