A sign from God?

A year ago I met a wonderful Christian counselor at a women’s retreat. I was in need of a therapist and called her when I got home. Shortly after that, I began meeting with her weekly and I told her all my “stuff.”

As we were speaking one afternoon, she said that I had a story that could help others and then she asked me if I could ever see myself sharing it. I began laughing nervously, but couldn’t ignore the growing excitement inside of me. As I left and went to my car I found myself considering this crazy idea. I kept it to myself for a week and then received an e-mail invitation for Christian writers and speaker to attend a conference called She Speaks in Charlotte, NC. It confirmed that this was something God was calling me to do. I was too nervous to tell my husband in person, so I e-mailed him. Being a logical, no-nonsense, lawyer, I was waiting (hoping?) for him to ask me how much it would cost or tell me that it was a silly idea. But instead he wrote back, “Go for it,” confirming that this was not something I could ignore.

I flew to the conference feeling very nervous and unprepared. I had a skeleton of a proposal and brand new business cards and felt overwhelmed to be in the company of incredible women like Lysa TerKeurst, Renee Swope, and Christine Caine. However, I was relieved to find that I was in the company of a lot of women just like me and had an incredible weekend. As we broke into small groups at the conference I was uncomfortable telling strangers what my idea for a book was. However, I found that the more I told people about my idea, the more positive reinforcement I received. As I left the conference, I was sure that God had given me this purpose. I headed home with a mission to write a book!

In the last year, I have been writing and struggling to know if this is really what God wants me to do. I’ve prayed and asked him for confirmation. Today a friend sent me the promotional video for this years She Speaks conference. I’m in it!! I remember waiting in line to meet Lysa TerKeurst and have her sign my book. I can’t help but wonder, why out of all the people who were there, did they choose me for the video?FB_IMG_1431108812747

Is this the sign I’ve been waiting for?

Check it out!

She Speaks 2015



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