Follow the path

As I walked my dog this morning, I thought back to when we first got him last November. We got him from a rescue organization and I remember being nervous the first few times I walked him. Would he jump out at a squirrel? Chase the neighbors cat? Pull me into the pond? We attended obedience classes and training together and now, eight months later, I walk him with confidence (although he does love squirrels).

20150731_100520 (1)This is very similar to my journey of faith as I began to write about my past during this last year. I began with fear and nervousness, unsure of what would lie ahead. I found myself taking chances and doing things that were outside my comfort zone. But the more I trusted God and stayed obedient to His word, the easier it got. Now I find myself looking forward to new challenges that are placed in front of me and know that God will continue to lead me down the correct path.

What is holding you back from embracing the next curve on your path?

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