What motivates you?

Have you ever felt yourself doubting that you can make a difference? Have you allowed yourself to stay in your comfort zone instead of taking a chance? Do you feel called to do something but allow fear to get in the way?

Throughout my journey there were many times that I wanted to quit. As I was writing my book, I found it painful to re-visit the past every time I opened the document. I found my self doubting my capabilities and wondered if anyone would even care. The thing that kept me motivated was the thought that I might be able to help someone who was struggling like I had for so many years.

“When he, the SpIMG_1522irit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth…and he will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:13

Last night I had the opportunity to share my story with a group of about 70 people and when the event ended several people came up to me to thank me. I received a lot of positive feedback, but the thing that brought me joy was a message from a woman who said that she was touched by my story. She wrote, “your testimony, lessons learned, and book need to be heard.”

I am feeling thankful for my obedience to God as He has led me on this new path and want to encourage others to trust and obey God. He will reveal himself to you and direct your steps; just trust Him!

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