Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

31 day word challengeOctober 3 Word of the Day: Forgiveness

My experience has been that forgiveness opens the door to freedom from the hurts of our past. It allows us to move on.

Please share your experiences!

Want more? Be looking for posts about the release of my upcoming book, “Out of the Darkroom, Into the Light: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness After Child Abuse.” 

4 thoughts on “Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

  1. I have trouble forgiving. I have fresh wounds from domestic abuse and I have problems from my past where abuse plays in. As I’ve gotten older I learned to sweep the issues under the rug, act as if it didn’t effect me. I’ve been threw counseling for many many years every time I would go they never even touched my past of abuse. I learned no coping skills for past abuse and trauma, for my anger issues or just discussing my feelings period. I’ve not necessarily forgiven because I don’t know how and I’m afraid that these people will think by my forgiveness that it’s ok to continue to do these things to others. I struggle daily with this. God bless,
    XXxX Chelle means from women’s blogger


    • I don’t think forgiveness means you excuse the abuser for what they have done , it frees you from the bondage of bitterness and despair. I also don’t think it means you have to go face to face to the abuser and tell him you forgive him…..that’s letting him off the hook. God tells us to forgive for our benefit ……I don’t think it’s at all what you have been through is horrific …it takes time to heal …I will be praying for you.

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  2. Forgiveness frees us from the control the other person has on our life ……it doesn’t mean they won’t pay the consequences for their actions ….it frees you from the bondage of that person has over you….I too was abused by a relative letting go of the hurt and bitterness took time YET GOD

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