Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

October 5 Word of the Day: Inspiration

What inspires you?

31 day word challengeWhen I was first writing what would become my manuscript (soon to be a book!) there were times when I had difficulty continuing with the writing process. Every time I opened the document, I was forced back into a time that I have spent most of my life trying to forget. I would become filled with negative emotions and started to doubt myself. I started wondering if anyone would care.

My inspiration came from others….as I began telling more people about my book idea, I heard affirmation that what I was doing was important; that I would help others. I realized that I wasn’t doing this for ME. The first time I spoke publicly to an audience of 85, I received many compliments and positive comments about my “performance” but what made me feel truly inspired were the e-mails I received afterwards from audience members sharing their own stories. They thanked me for being brave and helping them heal.

That is what inspired me to continue!

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