Write 31 Challenge- Word of the Day

October 17 Word of the Day- Journey

For me, faith has been a journey. I didn’t have a true relationship with God until I was married with 4 children. As a young child, my exposure to religion was through sleepovers that included a trip to my friend’s church on Sunday morning. I loved it and found myself wondering why my parents didn’t go to church. When I asked, my father replied, “We don’t need that.”

I felt drawn to God and wondered if He knew me. Does He see me? Does He answer everyone’s prayers? When I went to college I knew I had to find the answers to my questions. As my journey to faith began, my questions kept coming. I felt like I needed concrete proof to prove God was real. I became frustrated when I couldn’t find it, but I pressed on. As I continued to learn more and developed a relationship with Jesus, I started to understand what faith is.


This quote by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio is perfect:

“Faith, or belief in God, is more than conviction about the existence of God. True Christian faith is a dynamic journey of trust, confidence, and commitment to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

I’ve taken many nice trips in my life, but this is one journey I’ll never forget!

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