Every Little Thing

Have you ever felt too small to make a real difference? Do you wonder if your life matters?

This book that will give you a new perspective!


Every Little Thing by Deidra Riggs is encouraging and empowering. In this book, Deira draws the reader in with her personal stories and reminds us that we don’t need to fix the world, but to accept God’s invitation to make a difference, right where we are. She reminds us that “small things matter for bigness too” and provides many examples from the Bible.

One of my favorite parts of the book is Deidra’s description of her first skydiving trip. She uses humor to describe her exchange with the tandem jumper and how she insisted that she would pull the cord for the parachute. Deira describes the thrill and rush of the experience of the tandem jump and a smooth landing…and then she she admits that she forgot to pull the cord. As she realizes that the other jumper pulled it and never said anything to her about it, she reminds us of God’s grace:

“God, who is going to do something incredible despite us. God, who invites us to join him in the journey and the adventure of a lifetime. He doesn’t point his finger at us and count all the ways we mess up. Not even when we think we’ve got it all under control and we tell him so.

Sometimes our dreams are like that. They are big, and we approach them with bravado and tell God we’ll take it from here. Thank God for grace. It covers us in situations such as these, like a brightly colored canopy unfurled over us before we realize just how badly we need it and how out of control we really are.”

Would you like a copy of Deidra’s book Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are?

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5 thoughts on “Every Little Thing

  1. For the last year I have been in a hospital for Depression and PTSD and suicide..just had surgery today to remove my tonsils and a mass..You couldnt bless me more to tell me that I am going to receive this book…Please…God Bless,,, Love Julie


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