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Today I’m happy to host Cherished Magazine on my blog!

Hi! I’m Sheryl Siler, Editor-in-Chief of Cherished Magazine. I first want to give a great big virtual hug to Tracey for having Cherished Magazine over to Grace as part of our Cherished Everyday Fall Tour Extravaganza.

Cherished Magazine November 2015 - A Christian Woman Magazine

Today was the kind of day that I haven’t had in awhile. It was one of those days that from the minute I started to wake from the night’s rest that my mind clicked from the off position to the full-throttle on position . In a matter a few seconds my mind was racing with a myriad of thoughts.

Thoughts of my appointments, thoughts of unfinished “To-Do’s” and reminders of what items should be on the To-Do list that I had forgotten to jot down.

Then it spiraled out of control and started going there…the dark place. The place of the should haves and could haves and why didn’t you’s.

I could feel my tension rising to a panic. I had not been there in a long time…pray..yes pray.

So with all of my might I shoved the ramblings of the to do list and the poking of a past that could not changed out of my mind and began to have a conversation with God.

I think subconsciously I thought I would get some sort of message helping me put my list of what should be done in a good and proper order. Instead I hear this:

Just be in the moment. Trust me let me guide your day. I will help you…you are not alone.

The words just sunk in like a weight that had been lifted. I didn’t feel like a failure, which would have been my normal go to feeling. I felt that I had been given a perfect gift.

The reassurance I was not alone and the reminder that I was slipping into “my schedule” and “my To-Do list” instead of including God and His desire for me in
the picture.

Think of the words of Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time.Beautiful in its Time

Take each and every minute God gives you and trust Him with it. Let it ring as a reminder to appreciate each beautiful moment as it happens..

So how about you? Is your mind constantly going to something else when you really just need to appreciate exactly where you are now, to just breath and just be in the moment.

Live life cherished everyday!

Sheryl Siler – Author, Speaker and Editor of Cherished Magazine


PS – I just wanted to let you know that you can now get Cherished Magazine at a special
Cherished Everyday price of just $17/yr. Click here for more information and to see our sample issue.

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