Please wait

Have you ever had a time in your life when things aren’t going as planned and you wonder if God is trying to show or teach you something?

I feel like God is teaching me about patience right now.

It is a nice, sunny Saturday and I had a full day planned of pre-Christmas fun and festivities. But sometimes our plans get interrupted don’t they?

Instead of going to the craft fair at my church, I am sitting in my mom’s hospital room as we wait to see the doctor. She came in via ambulance yesterday after falling and now has a compressed fracture in the lumbar section of her spine. I am waiting for the doctor to tell me what the options are as we wait for an MRI. (Apparently there is one machine for the entire hospital and other people need it too).

I am writing this from my laptop because my cell phone is officially dead. My husband took it to the AT&T store and they can’t get any data, contacts or pictures off of it. As a busy mom of 4 sons and a very silly dog, this is very upsetting. How is this teaching me about patience? I won’t have my new phone until Tuesday…..

It is lunchtime and I’m hungry, but I don’t want to leave in case the doctor comes by…..patience, please!6bc84695af949900c9808059b3f0e079

But then I hear myself whining, and I think about the other people in this hospital. The parents in the children’s wing who are also asking for patience and answers. The woman I saw being wheeled into radiology…. They would probably like to get some lunch too.

So I will sit and be thankful that my mom is in a good hospital and smile as I chew my gum and wait.

Thanks for the lesson God!


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