The calm AFTER the storm

The last few days in Northern Virginia we were blanketed by a blizzard named Jonas. Schools were cancelled, roads became impassable and time seemed to stop as we waited for it to end. The wind created snowdrifts and everyone held their breath for fear of losing power. And then it stopped. Today the snow is piled up and the sun is shining. Stores are still closed and no one is driving.

We are forced to slow down, and after the shoveling, we were able to relax and enjoy this sunny winter day. On a normal weekend I would be running errands, going to the grocery store, and preparing for another busy week. Today I get to relax and enjoy a new sense of calm as I reflect on the beauty around me.


Isn’t that what God wants us to do? Slow down and focus on Him even during the storms in our life? Will you try this with me?

Thank you God for protecting us during this storm and for giving me the opportunity to reflect on your love and realize how blessed I am.



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