Moving forward or staying in place?

Today is June 1, exactly six months since the New Year began. Do you remember what you did on New Years Eve? Who were you with? Did you make a resolution?

I love the start of a new year because it is a time to reflect and move forward with goals and plans. I like to make resolutions in the different areas of my life; family, faith, health and work. So now that six months have passes, take a minute to ash your self these questions:

Have you done any of the things that you said you were going to?

Tried new adventures?

Worked on yourself?

Are you any closer to your goals?

The cold temperatures of winter have passed and trees have blossomed; have you?

If so, you should feel proud! But what if you’re like me and feel like one or more of the things that you resolved for the new year haven’t progressed as you thought they would? What if you STILL need to lose those 20 pounds or haven’t done anything to change your work situation?



I know that my goal for my faith hasn’t progressed as I had hoped. I want to read my Bible more often and focus on His word to deepen my relationship with God. I want to do a study that challenges my faith and takes it to a new level.

Well, guess what? It’s not too late to meet our goals! We still have six months to go!

So will you join me and hit “refresh” today as we reflect on the goals and promises that we made and promise to move forward?

8 thoughts on “Moving forward or staying in place?

  1. Can’t believe it’s june 1st! I feel like I haven’t worked enough towards my goals this year.. That’s why I’m focusing a lot more on them now. I even wrote a post about it to keep myself accountable, haha.


  2. Don’t feel bad about missing any goals, you still have seven months. The first of July is the beginning of the second half of the year. I’m pursuing my main New Year’s resolution to lose weight and am doing OK. ‘Haven’t had any chocolate or other candy, cookies etc. for two weeks. Pray for me.


  3. Hi Tracey, your post – goals, Bible reading, etc – reminded me of a post I wrote in January about not having a Bible reading plan. Here’s the link:

    How is it going with your WestBow book? I’ve sold about 100 copies – the first quarter for my book. Numbers aren’t everything. I’d rather sell less – but to people who really benefit from the book – Than to sell more but the books just collect dust or are preaching to the choir. I pray my book will find its way to those who will benefit from it.


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