Moving forward

It’s been almost a year since we welcomed 2016. As I get older, time seems to be going by faster! I used to make a resolution every year on New Years Eve, but last year, instead of a resolution, I chose to focus on a word to give me a vision for change.

My word for 2016 was STRENGTH. I picked it after careful consideration for several reasons and found myself going back to it on many occasions. 2016 has had some challenges for me as I continue to take on the role of guardian for my aging (and ornery) mother. She had two major accidents this year that resulted in extended hospital and rehab stays. I found myself needing spiritual strength to get through the trials and continue to, as our relationship is complicated. I also prayed for strength this year as I shared my personal story in front of audiences of strangers, on radio and TV programs. During this past year, I also focused on my physical strength as I embraced several new fitness routines and saw the benefits on the inside and out! I have relied on my physical and mental strength to be the best mom possible for my four teenage sons. More recently, I have needed strength as I have returned to teaching and have a challennyeging group of students.
I’ve found that having a word to represent what I hope God will do for me has given me comfort and hope during difficult times.

I encourage you to try it and let me know what your word for 2017 will be!


And the 2016 winner is…

I like the idea if having a word to keep me focused during the year. Last year my word was obey. At first it was scary, but became very important as the year went on. I returned to it and reflected on it every time I doubted my journey. God made it clear to me that He wanted me to publish my story and I feel blessed that I was chosen for the task. I have received many notes, e-mails, and hugs from readers who thanked me for coming forward. Many have confided in me about their own pain and difficulty with forgiveness. I am humbled and thankful for the word that led me far.

So, it’s a new year and time for a new word. This year my word is strength. This word came to me for several purposes: physical, spiritual, and emotional. I am looking forward to physical strength as I embrace a new fitness regimen starting on Monday. I pray for spiritual strength as I want to continue to grow in my relationship with God. Lastly, I need emotional strength as I continue to take care of my mom.

So when you hear the lion’s roar, you’ll know it’s me!

What’s your word for 2016?



#Write31 Challenge- Word of the Day

October 21 Word of the Day: Strength

When I was thinking about the word strength and what I would write today, I found myself thinking of

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble.

I┬áthen thought of the song “Shoulders” by For King & Country. The lyrics describe the strength that God gives us beautifully:

My help comes from YouShoulderStandingSm
You’re right here, pulling me through
You carry my weakness, my sickness, my brokenness all on Your shoulders
Your shoulders
My help comes from You
You are my rest, my rescue
I don’t have to see to believe that You’re lifting me up on Your shoulders
Your shoulders

To listen to the song, click here: Shoulders

I find comfort in this, do you?