Roadblock or Detour?

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are? How sometimes you think you’re headed in a certain direction in life and then it changes?


How do you handle it?

I recently had several detours in my life. I was plugging along as a HS special education teacher for eight years when I felt called to write a book (Detour #1). I found that balancing a full-time job, family and writing a book was nearly impossible and after a some serious prayer, decided to take a year off (Detour #2). Not long after I made this decision a part-time position opened up at my church and someone asked me if I’d be interested (Detour #3). It has been such a privilege to work with my pastor and other church staff and has given me even more appreciation for the wonderful things they do. After I released my book last year, I have had some amazing opportunities to share my story, write articles and appear on TV and radio programs during this time. I’ve also had the opportunity to focus more on my health and be more available for my four sons. I volunteered in my sons’ fifth grade class once a week to assist with math and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.  This got me thinking…..what if? So this September you will find me in fifth grade helping students with reading (Detour #4)!l-450744

When life hands you a sudden change, do you embrace it or allow it to throw you off course?

I can’t wait to see what is ahead!

You did what?!

Have you ever been scared to follow what God is telling you to do? To go outside your comfort zone, make sacrifices, and be truly obedient to Him? It can be scary!

I taught special education history classes in a public high school for eight years. Last June I hung up my teacher hat to do what God was calling me to do. Since then, I’ve had several experiences where I have seen someone that I haven’t seen in a while and they ask me how the school year is going. I kindly explain that I’m not teaching anymore.

Then I get the questions…cliff_wide-054d76bca17db78df42b4c95905b64cdc48bfe2a-s6-c30

How come? So what are you doing now?

At first I wasn’t sure how to respond….

“Ummm….God called me to write a book, so I quit my job and did it.”

Oh, what is your book about? 

At first I worried that people would think I’m crazy when I told them that I’m working part-time so that I could write a book about my horrible past and how I got over it.
Once I realized that, I got over my insecurity and now I look forward to seeing old friends and telling them about this incredible journey that God has taken me on. And guess what? Everyone has been kind and encouraging!

So next time God tells you to jump, don’t worry about not having the time, money, or courage. Your response should be, “How high?”