Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

31 day word challenge

October 4 Word of the Day: Peace

I love today’s word! The dictionary says that it is a noun: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. But as I thought about what this word means to me, I think it should be an adjective. For me, peace is a feeling; a state of being. The way I feel when I look out at the ocean during a sunset. Or walking in freshly fallen snow. I feel at peace when I pray, imagining God sitting with me.

What brings you peace?

Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

31 day word challengeOctober 3 Word of the Day: Forgiveness

My experience has been that forgiveness opens the door to freedom from the hurts of our past. It allows us to move on.

Please share your experiences!

Want more? Be looking for posts about the release of my upcoming book, “Out of the Darkroom, Into the Light: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness After Child Abuse.” 

Write 31 Challenge: Word of the Day

31 day word challenge

October 2- Word of the Day : LOVE

Love is a warm cup of tea on a winter day.
Love is a hug from an old friend.
Love is sharing a blanket.
Love is a smile that was captured when no one was looking.
Love is family doing something together.
Love is necessary.
Love is always there with Jesus.

What do you think of when you hear “LOVE”??

Write 31 challenge- Word of the Day

Happy October!

I’m going to take part in a writing challenge this month. Each day I am going to post a “word of the day” and a few thoughts about it. I challenge my followers to participate and add a few thoughts of your own!

So here we go!31 day word challenge

October 1 Word of the Day: FAITH

What does faith mean to me? For me it is the belief in Jesus as the son of God. My faith is something that has grown stronger over the last 10 years and helped me in ev
ery area of my life. It helps me stay grounded when I am faced with difficult situations. My faith is something that has grown stronger over the last 10 years and helped me in every area of my life.

What does this word mean to you?

When change is tough

This time of year brings many changes to our daily lives including the warmer weather, lazier days, and summer vacations. Most of the time we look forward to change, but sometimes it can be a scary thing to approach the unknown. As I look around me, I am suddenly faced with many changes in my life and those around me. My oldest recently graduated from high school and will be leaving for college in late August. A colleague is weeks away from retirement and her husband just had a stroke. My good friend is getting a divorce and leaving the neighborhood soon. Another neighbor recently had to tell her son that the baby they were expecting had died.
My family is preparing for a big change as I am taking a leap of faith and leaving my job so that I can pursue my dream of writing a book. I find myself second guessing my decision and wondering if I’ve made the right choice. All of this is a bit unsettling, and I find comfort in some of the constant, unchanging, routines to keep me grounded.
We can find comfort in knowing that God’s love for us is a constant that will always be there for us, even when it seems that our world is spinning out of control with change. We see this in scripture:
“I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. We can say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?’ Remember your leaders who taught you the word of God. Think of all the good that has come from their lives, and follow the example of their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8.
With this knowledge we can rest assured that God will see us through the changes in our lives, whether they are big or small, hot or cold, fun or scary!

Faith can be scary at times

I have been writing for almost a year. I feel that I have been called to share the story of my past and how I came to know Jesus. My desire is to help others who may be struggling with self-worth. Throughout this process I have had some struggles and setbacks. First, it’s not easy to put the pain from your past on paper. It forces the part of your brain, that has tried to forget, to relive the dark, unhappy times. Second, the writing process is difficult. Having a professional editor look over your work is very important, BUT, it leads to more work. My third and biggest struggle has been time. I work a full-time job and have a large family and can’t find the large chunks of time that I need to work on my writing.

There have been moments where I have said to myself, “Give it up. No one will read it.  You’re not a writer.” Each time I have had these thoughts, something or someone has come along and steered me back onto the writing path. I have prayed and asked God for guidance….. Am I really supposed to do this?graaandcanyon

During this time I have become more and more unhappy with my job as a special education social studies teacher. After eight years, I feel unsatisfied, underappreciated, and bored and have sought out different opportunities. Most recently I interviewed for a different position within my current school (still teaching social studies, just not special education students). Honestly, I felt like I had a great chance.  My husband and I talked at length about it and I prayed a lot. I asked God to make it clear to me what I should do. After the interview, I made the decision that if I didn’t get the job, I would no longer teach and I would devote my time to writing the book that I’ve been dreaming about.

I found out yesterday, that not only did I not get the job, but they hired a brand new teacher.  BOOM, like a punch to the gut, it hurts.  So now I’m wrestling with more doubt. Is this part of God’s plan for me?

When I started this journey of sharing my past and writing about it I called it a leap of faith. Why do I suddenly feel like I’m standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon?

A glimmer of hope

Nothing gets me sidelined like a rejection letter (or 2 or 3).

“Thank you for your submission but your project isn’t right for us at this time.”

I feel myself shut down. Unworthy. What was I thinking? Maybe I got God’s message wrong.

And then a glimmer of hope among the harsh words.

“You are a strong writer.”

“Your story needs to be told.”

“Don’t give up.”

So I swallow my pride and press on…..

A letter to God


Dear God,

I want to know you
like you know me.
You’ve seen it all,
the good and bad,
yet you never gave up on me.

I kept seeking for some thing,
or some one
to help me past my pain.
Little did I know
you were there the whole time.

I feel you getting closer,
shining your light on me.
Giving me a new purpose,
And the courage to be honest.

I am being called
to share this light,
your love,
with others.

I’ll do my best!


Looking Back, Moving Forward


Here I am Lord
Face down
On my knees
I feel your presence
Leading me

I want to please you,
be an obedient servant
So please Lord
Let me know
do I have this right?

Here I am Lord
Face down
On my knees
I feel your presence
Leading me

I’m unsure
Wanting to trust
I love you
You’ve led me this far
I’m so thankful

Here I am Lord
Face down
On my knees
I feel your presence
Leading me

You’ve helped me see
Beyond the hurt
Helped me forgive
Looking back
Moving forward