What If?


Our past often shapes our future. What if the past was not our fault? What if things were different? I recently found myself wondering these things as I analyzed my past.

I even made a list:

What if I hadn’t been an only child?

What if I had told someone?

What if I had God earlier in my life?

Then I realized that the events that shaped my life are part of God’s plan for me. I may not like the mess and the hurt, but they shaped me into who I am today. God has a purpose for me. I believe that he chose me to go through the experiences that I did so that I can glorify him.

So we can choose to be angry or bitter about our past, or we can look at the Bible and see that God chooses each of us. In Jeremiah 29:11 God promises us that his plans for us are for good, not for evil. He chooses each of us to do something for him despite our past.  But you can’t see God’s plan for your future until you deal with the mess and hurt from your past.

What if you started doing what God is calling you to do?